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New Essentials

Here we bring you updated versions of some classic "must-haves" for your jewellery collection. Crafted in Sterling Silver, these pieces are on-trend, with an innovative twist that is constantly evolving.


1 - 9 OF 9 ITEMS
224390 24Alove-overlay Silver Multi Coloured Bell Drop earrings
£26.99Saving £13.00
224387243B Silver Multi Cubic Zirconia Peardrop earrings
£26.99Saving £8.00
22438924B Silver Purple Multi Cubic Zirconia Pear earrings
£26.99Saving £8.00
pearlset2Asale-overlay Set of 7-pairs Silver Freshwater Pearl Earrings
£29.99Saving £50.00
pearlset3Asale-overlay Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearls Pendant
£29.99Saving £30.00
pearlset8Blove-overlay Sterling Silver Bead and Freshwater Pearls Set 3
£34.99Saving £25.00
pearlset5Bbest-seller-overlay Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearls Set 3
£34.99Saving £35.00
pearlset7Blove-overlay Silver Freshwater Pearl Amethyst Set 3
£49.99Saving £30.00
266017002A Silver Large Filligree Disc Pendant
£49.99Saving £40.00
1 - 9 OF 9 ITEMS

Our New Essentials range is the ideal place to find all of your jewellery staples, with a collection of classic pieces with a beautiful contemporary twist to make them truly unique. These Sterling Silver jewellery pieces are chosen for their wonderfully individual designs, so you can find the perfect pieces to express your own personal style – including a set of 7 pairs of Silver and Freshwater Pearl Earrings, so you can have one for every outfit! Our New Essentials are designed to be worn and loved every day, adding just the right amount of sparkle to any outfit, for any occasion.

This wonderful range features a number of different designs, from intricate Sterling Silver pendants like our Large Filligree Disc Pendant to colourful pieces featuring gemstones in beautiful shades. These elegant and stylish pieces make beautiful Sterling Silver gifts for a loved one, or are perfect for just treating yourself to a little something special.