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Product available to purchase off-line

Products marked as “offline only” are not available for purchase through the Boutico Jewellery store but are instead available for purchase through other means. We know this may sound odd but please let us explain why...

There are a number of reasons why a product may be marked as “offline only”.  We have summarised the main reasons below however if you are in any doubt; please just give us a call and we will do our best to meet your needs.

For more information, please call +44 (0)1277 364905, visit our store or simply send us an email via our online contact form.

Authorised Retailer Status

Some manufactures have a small and hand selected authorised retailer network. To ensure that their products are sold in a consistent and supported manner - manufacturers often stipulate that their products are prohibited on-line.

To adhere to manufacturer requests; Boutico Jewellery may be able to display product details but not allow those same products to be purchased through our store. Please do not despair; these products are typically just a phone call or a quick visit to our shop away. 

By respecting the manufactures wishes we can always guarantee that the latest range of products is always on offer.

Technically Challenging Products

A product marked as “offline only” may be highly complex and it is our aim to ensure that you are able to order the right product first time. Our hope is that you may consider this additional step a “helpful prompt” to assist you in your purchasing decision.

Again these items are typically just a phone call away and will offer you the chance to discuss you exact requirements with a trained member of staff.

Special Orders

Some products are specially manufactured, personalised or assembled upon the receipt of an order. Usually these products are made to suit the exact requirements of the individual customer and as such require a greater level of order processing.