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Hearts & Arrows

The Hearts & Arrows concept was first seen in very expensive Diamonds - but now we bring it to you in Sterling Silver and sparkling white Cubic Zirconia stones. Each stone has been cut in a way that shows a circle of 8 hearts with their points towards the centre. The "arrow" is a straight line that appears between each of the hearts. This special cutting also gives the stones extra sparkle.
It's so romantic - and such great value!

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224510248Abest-seller-overlay Hearts & Arrows Cubic Zirconia silver round earstuds
£23.99Saving £9.00
282532244Aresizelove-overlay Hearts & Arrows Cubic Zirconia silver Panther ring
£24.99Saving £25.00
282573247Aresize Hearts & Arrows Cubic Zirconia silver Cluster ring
£27.99Saving £28.00
282433244Aresize Hearts & Arrows Cubic Zirconia silver crossover ring
£27.99Saving £12.00
282400246Aresize Hearts & Arrows Cubic Zirconia Solitaire ring
£27.99Saving £12.00
282401243Aresize Hearts & Arrows Cubic Zirconia Trilogy ring
£27.99Saving £12.00
224168241A Hearts & Arrows Cubic Zirconia cluster studs
£44.99Saving £25.00
1 - 7 OF 7 ITEMS
It' easy to see why this is one of our most popular collections. Not only is this collection beautifully designed, it also features the renowned Hearts & Arrows faceted cutting of the stones. When viewed from above the stones show a circle of eight hearts, with a line between each depicting an arrow - hence the name. They sparkle amazingly as well.

The ideal gift for yourself or someone special . . .