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Diamonds are always special - particularly Boutico Diamonds. We work hard to bring you designs that are a little unusual, but still clearly Diamond pieces. See below for more Diamond information.

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There’s nothing more special than receiving a Diamond. Each one is a gift that represents something so much larger than itself. Clarity. Solidarity. Elegance. They are a symbol of something infinite and unchanging, made to mark a moment that will never be forgotten. Like snowflakes, every Diamond is unique, and so are the beautiful pieces that we set them in, so you can find the perfect Diamond jewellery to express exactly what you want to say.

Your jewellery says a lot about you, which is why we work hard to source beautifully unusual pieces; pieces whose elegance and style stand out from the ordinary. Nothing compares to the radiance of a Diamond, and these exquisite stones are the ultimate gift that will be treasured forever, loved for eternity.