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Diamond Earrings

Sparkling Diamonds feature in these elegant 9ct and 18ct Gold earrings - for pierced ears.

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129114015Asale-overlay 9ct White Gold 1/4ct Diamond Starburst Stud earrings
£259.99Saving £260.00
129632014B 9ct Rose Gold 1/4ct Diamond Drop stud earrings
£299.99Saving £160.00
129631017A 9ct Rose Gold 1/4ct Diamond Pear Edge Drop earrings
£299.99Saving £160.00
129595012B (3) 9ct Gold 1/4ct Diamond Peardrop earrings
£399.99Saving £200.00
129642013Asale-overlay 9ct White Gold 1/2ct White and Blue Diamond earrings
£399.99Saving £400.00
129630010A 9ct White Gold 1/4ct Diamond Flower Stud Earrings
£599.99Saving £200.00
129488017A 18ct White Gold 2ct Oval Diamond earrings
£1,499.99Saving £1,500.00
1 - 7 OF 7 ITEMS

Diamonds are forever, and with Boutico’s collection of Diamond earrings for women you can find an array of impressive stones that will carry on sparkling for a lifetime. Ranging from just under £200 to the higher-end priced Diamond, our earrings are a gift that will make any smile shine.

Beautiful Diamond Studs for Women

We have a range of Diamond studs available to purchase, from an intricate flower design to a classic oval stud. The 9CT White Gold ¼ CT Diamond Flower Stud Earrings are inspired by the well-loved sunflower, and perfectly set off any outfit choice. Our oval stud earring is teamed with a 1/3CT Diamond in the 9CT White Gold Stud Earrings, and a 2CT Diamond in the 18CT White Gold Diamond Earrings. In these beautiful studs delicate Diamonds are accentuated by a boarder of smaller stones, to create a truly timeless and classic earring.

For drop earrings that dazzle and shimmer as they catch the evening light, the 9CT Gold 1/4CT Diamond Peardrop Earrings provide a simple yet classy finishing touch to any outfit. Their unique shape draws the eye of the beholder, and is sure to have compliments showered upon them. Fans of the increasingly popular Rose Gold will fawn over our 9CT Rose Gold 1/4CT Diamond Pear Edge Drop Earrings. Set over a classic pear-shape of glittering Diamonds, there’s a truly wonderful work of art in the curved lines of the Rose Gold detailing.