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26648724B Silver Lavender Cubic Zirconia Swirl pendant
£14.99Saving £11.00
26648624B Silver White Cubic Zirconia Swirl pendant
£16.99Saving £6.00
266481230A Silver Peach Rose and Jade Leaf pendant
£19.99Saving £20.00
26648027B Silver Red Rose and Freshwater Pearl pendant
£19.99Saving £20.00
26648424 Silver Cubic Zirconia Multi Blues Pear pendant
£22.99Saving £7.00
26648324A Silver Cubic Zirconia Multi Yellow Round pendant
£22.99Saving £7.00
pearlset6Blove-overlay Sterling Silver Freshwater 7 Pearls Pendant
£24.99Saving £25.00
266035 neckAresize Sterling Silver Blue Cubic Zirconia Flower pendant
£26.99Saving £13.00
266502003Abest-seller-overlay Silver Mystic Topaz Heart pendant
£27.50Saving £27.49
266576004B Silver Mystic Topaz Oval pendant
£29.99Saving £30.00
266499006A Silver Mystic Topaz Round Curled pendant
£34.99Saving £35.00
262395005Bresizebest-seller-overlay Silver and Moonstone Oval Pendant
£39.99Saving £30.00
266033 neckB Silver Dragonfly Cubic Zirconia pendant
£39.99Saving £20.00
cc266501235A Silver Mystic Topaz and CZ Oval pendant
£39.99Saving £40.00
cc266500009A Silver Mystic Topaz Celtic Heart pendant
£39.99Saving £40.00
266497002Awlove-overlay Silver Garnet and Cubic Zirconia Butterfly pendant
£44.99Saving £45.00
266579005Aresizesale-overlay Silver 2.5ct Sapphire twist pendant
£49.99Saving £50.00
266549008A Silver Gold Plated Blossom Satin Flower pendant
£49.99Saving £30.00
266578008Abest-seller-overlay Silver 5-Carat Sapphire pear-shaped pendant
£69.99Saving £30.00
266577001B Silver 5ct Sapphire rectangular pendant
£69.99Saving £30.00
266542245Aw Silver Gold Plated Blossom Flower Ball pendant
£69.99Saving £40.00
266503000Bresizelove-overlay Silver Mystic Topaz Teardrop pendant
£69.99Saving £40.00
266546Bgld Silver Gold Plated Blossom Dove pendant
£79.99Saving £60.00
266548001A Silver Gold Plated Blossom Satin Bear pendant
£89.99Saving £30.00
266544010A Silver Gold Plated Pearl and Diamond pendant
£89.99Saving £70.00
212233234Blove-overlay Silver Art Deco style Onyx Circle Necklace
£119.99Saving £120.00
164288234Asale-overlay 9ct White Gold Square Swiss Blue Topaz and Diamond Pendant
£249.99Saving £250.00
164288016Blove-overlay 9ct White Gold Starburst 1/4ct Diamond Pendant
£299.99Saving £300.00
164285107A 9ct White Gold Pink Sapphire and Diamond Heart pendant
£299.99Saving £100.00
164521014A 9ct Gold 1/4ct Diamond Peardrop pendant
£349.99Saving £350.00
164533017Asale-overlay 9ct White Gold 1/2ct White and Blue Diamond pendant
£399.99Saving £400.00
164440018Asale-overlay 9ct White Gold 1/2ct Diamond Vintage stye Pendant.
£549.99Saving £550.00
164259016Asale-overlay 18ct White and Yellow Gold 1/3ct Diamond pendant
£599.99Saving £600.00
164498019A 18ct White Gold 3/4ct Diamond Triangle pendant
£999.99Saving £300.00
1 - 36 OF 36 ITEMS

From day-to-day to all out glamour, the right necklace puts the finishing touch on any outfit, and whether you’re looking for a bold statement necklace or a dainty chain you’re sure to find a piece that you’ll love in our stunning collection.

Beautiful Pendants for all Occasions

We believe that your jewellery should be as uniquely beautiful as you are, so we pick stylishly different designs and unusual necklaces that you won’t see anywhere else. Pieces that will stand out for all the right reasons, and that you’ll love for years to come. Our incredible collection of elegant Diamond necklaces make the perfect gifts for her on those special occasions, from graduations to anniversaries, and are sure to be a gift that she will treasure.

Alternatively, for more relaxed accessorises treat yourself to something from our ranges of Gold, Silver and Fashion necklaces, ideal for adding a little sparkle to the everyday.